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Ready to Make a Big Leap Of Your Own? We Asked Casting Pros How to Nail Any Reality TV Audition!

Easton Max Edwin, a reality TV casting director who has worked on a range of shows, including Ugliest House in America and Labor of Love.

Parade Magazine

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Portraits of Hollywood. Life & Work with Easton Edwin.
From Backstory to where she is now, with a 12+ year career in Unscripted Casting. Easton shares her story and her experience in the industry.


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On today's podcast, I have one of the best reality TV casting directors on to discuss all things reality tv casting! @Easton_max is a super hardworking, casting director who shares her experiences over the past 12 years in casting! She talks about how she got started in casting and some of the ins and outs of her day-to-day life!

Taste of Reality - Zachary Reality


This month to celebrate the casting community, Casting Society and IMDbPro are collaborating to highlight the casting directors who work in reality casting. 

The Casting Society Highlights Casting Directors in Reality

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